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Hi, I am Cathy Thompson and I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about my company. I started EZ Freight, Inc. in 2007 with a simple business plan and the strong desire to rise above the competition.

After working 20 years in the transportation services industry for several multi-million dollar companies, I found myself really wanting a change of pace. Somewhere along the line, I was forced to concentrate on the bottom line rather than the business relationships that I had worked so hard to nurture. I realized that I was missing out on what I enjoyed the most and that was the the personal side of the business. In my early years I had the time to get to know my customers and their families and I really enjoyed helping their companies grow. I knew my customer's spouses and the names and ages of their children. My customers were my friends and I celebrated their milestones as if they were my own. Once this changed, so did my attitude. I was not happy anymore and I knew that it was time to refocus on what was really important to me and that was the people in the transportation industry; the people who keep this country moving!

EZ Freight is my answer to the ways things should be in the freight business. When you call the office, you speak to me and, rest assured, I want to build a lasting business relationship. If I can cover your loads I will tell you so and, if I cannot, I will let you know this too. If there is going to be a delay in delivery or pickup, I am going to inform you as soon as I know. The bottom line is that you may not always want to hear what I have got to say, but I promise you that I am not going to mislead you in anyway. Again, I want to build a lasting business relationship and that relationship must be built on trust!

If what you have read interests you, I would like the opportunity to get to know you and to help assist you with your transportation needs!

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